Finance Life-Insurance

Company Ticker 202220212020201920182017201620152014
Ryan Specialty Group Holdings Inc. RYAN 000000000
Waterdrop Inc. WDH 000000000
Midwest Holding Inc. MDWT 000000000
MediaAlpha Inc. MAX 000000000
Trean Insurance Group Inc. TIG 000000000
Voya Financial Inc VOYA 011.82-1.33-2.785.22.862.622.939
Sun Life Financial Inc SLF 02.513.093.313.193.1932.82.29
Reinsurance Group of America Incorporated RZA 000000000
Reinsurance Group of America Incorporated RGA 009.0813.631110.859.748.459.78
Prudential Public Limited Company PUK 000000002.61
Prudential Financial Inc PRU 012.38-110.139.510.589.1410.043.23
Prudential Financial Inc PRH 000000000
Primerica Inc PRI 05.689.598.637.335.534.533.723.29
MetLife Inc MET 04.1606.054.914.964.774.855.42
Manulife Financial Corp MFC
Lincoln National Corporation LNC 04.52.569.138.487.786.415.465.67
Genworth Financial Inc GNW 00.840.350.780.241.391.540.85-2.51
Citizens Inc CIA 00.03-0.22-0.04-
China Life Insurance Company Limited LFC 00.7801.190.760.450.361.70.31
American Equity Investment Life Holding Company AEL 02.136.912.685.023.151.532.421.58
Aegon NV AEG 00.70000.840.860.790.39
National Western Life Group Inc NWLI 030.81036.232.1128.5126.1126.529.03
National Security Group Inc NSEC 0-0.13-3.411.610.311.311.31.873.04
Brighthouse Financial Inc BHFAL 000000000
Brighthouse Financial Inc BHF 0-6.85-18.17-77.212.82000
Atlantic American Corporation AAME 00.110.56-0.04-