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Durable Global Small Caps

William Blair Global Small Cap Growth Fund

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Sep 11, 2014

Companies with durable business franchises generally offer better investment opportunity for long-term investors. Quality growth companies with durable business models have the capacity to deliver earnings growth over a longer time period than the market can estimate. Andrew G. Flynn and Matthew A. Litfin, portfolio managers of the William Blair Global Small Cap Growth Fund, look for these kinds of companies around the world.

Durable Franchises

William Blair Mid Cap Growth Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Value

Dec 23, 2011

What makes investing in midcaps especially lucrative is the prospect of growth for years to come that many companies in this sector possess. What is more, they also have the financial wherewithal to realize this potential. Robert C. Lanphier and David Ricci, portfolio managers of the William Blair Mid Cap Growth Fund, invest in favorably priced companies that are structured and positioned to deliver earnings growth for at least three to five years ahead.

Investing in Stronger for Longer

William Blair Growth Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Jan 07, 2010

Quality growth are key words in the investment philosophy of the William Blair Growth Fund. Co-managers David Fording and John Jostrand look for companies that can sustain above-market growth rates for a prolonged period of time. With investments spread across all sectors and market caps, the portfolio managers exploit their ability to discern higher-quality and lower-risk growth.

Total Return Strategy for Bonds

William Blair Bond Fund

Oct 13, 2009

Bond funds can generate excess return to their benchmark by taking views and risks in determining the direction of interest rate. Christopher Vincent, who is at the helm of the William Blair Bond Fund, talks about how to generate higher return through selection and allocation to bonds and sectors that are out of favor or mispriced in the market.

Quality Growth Below the Radar

William Blair Small Cap Growth Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Dec 02, 2005

Small-cap managers operate in a vast and under-researched world, and that is why their approach to analysis and idea generation is crucial. Karl Brewer, manager of the William Blair Small Cap Growth Fund, knows well the importance of discovering gems before Wall Street does. To sort out the worthy from the unworthy ones, he has a clear idea of the quality he is looking for and a structured approach for finding it.

Long-Term Structural Advantage

William Blair Large Cap Growth Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Core

Jun 09, 2015

Companies with structural advantage in the marketplace are likely to sustain their profitability and growth potential. Yet, investors may occasionally get overconfident in a company as they over-extrapolate short-term trends into the future or they may occasionally lose confidence in structurally advantaged companies for temporary reasons. James Golan and David Ricci, portfolio managers of the William Blair Large Cap Growth Fund, look to exploit these market inefficiencies across industries and sectors.

Sustainable Value Creation

William Blair Global Leaders Fund

Aug 10, 2018

While many portfolio managers look for high-quality companies, definitions can significantly vary. For Andrew Flynn and Kenneth McAtamney, who are at the helm of the William Blair Global Leaders Fund, high quality means companies driven by strong and sustainable value creation. With a global mandate and a long-term view, the fund looks for companies with clear leadership, internally driven growth, and a sustained competitive advantage.