Wasatch Funds(3)

Economic Returns

Wasatch Core Growth Fund

GL> Natural Resources/Materials >

Oct 13, 2011

Investing in companies with market leadership positions in stable and growing markets is generally rewarding, especially when stocks are purchased in times of weakness. JB Taylor and his team of managers look for small cap growth companies with high economic returns when they are out of favor.

Small Wonders in Dynamic Economies

Wasatch Emerging Markets Small Cap Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Feb 08, 2011

Even at a time when most investors agree that emerging markets are the dynamic economies of the world, very few of them seem to realize that smaller companies in these regions are actually leading the charge, and likely to continue leading in the decade ahead. Laura Geritz, portfolio manager of the Wasatch Emerging Markets Small Cap Fund, scours the globe for under-followed companies in emerging markets that possess the financial strength and business strategy to drive business growth.

Sustained Values

Wasatch Core Growth Fund

GL> Natural Resources/Materials >

May 16, 2008

Many businesses can grow, but few can sustain their growth over a long period of time through both good and bad economic environments. The Wasatch Core Growth Fund seeks to purchase long-term growth stocks at reasonable valuations relative to the fund manager's projection of companies' five-year earnings growth rates. JB Taylor, fund manager, focuses on the competitive positioning of the business versus other comparable companies in the market.