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RS Growth Funds

May 28, 2013

Growth companies and growth stocks are two different things. Companies that have the capacity to sustain organic growth are not always appreciated on Wall Street. Especially, companies with beachhead in the niche markets that can offer new products and services and develop additional revenues and earnings from the growing list of loyal customers. In an interview with co-portfolio manager, Scott Tracy, discusses how RS Growth Funds are designed to capture these evolving growth patterns with strict price discipline and risk control measures.

Follow the Trend

Compass EMP Alternative Strategies Fund

US> Industrial Goods/Services >

Dec 02, 2011

Trends can be especially indicative as long as one can decipher them with the help of a thorough analysis of market history and investor actions in the past. At Compass EMP, Stephen M. Hammers has developed a rules based investing style designed to benefit from low correlation to traditional market risks.

Drivers of Earnings

Victory Large Cap Growth Fund


Dec 08, 2009

Large companies typically have several earnings drivers and not all of them seem to be evident as many are still dormant. Erick Maronak and his team at the Victory Large Cap Growth Fund seek to understand which drivers are likely to propel a company’s earnings higher over the longer short term.

The Search for Sustainable Growth

RS Growth Mutual Funds

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Oct 28, 2009

RS Growth strategies are based on a straightforward premise – sustainable earnings growth drives long-term stock prices and those companies that can deliver typically exhibit five characteristics: a competitive advantage, superior margins, gaining market share, strong organic revenue growth and a capable management team.

Preserving Capital and Yields

RS Low Duration Bond Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Oct 01, 2009

In the world of fixed income investing, extensive proprietary research and a fair evaluation of the macroeconomic environment are key components of a winning formula. Howard Chin and Robert Crimmins, portfolio managers of the RS Low Duration Bond Fund, explain how the RS fixed income team takes advantage of its analytical expertise.

Opportunistic, Not Contrarian

Oak Value Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Sep 24, 2008

While many investors feel lost in the face of the credit crisis and the difficult stock market, for Larry D. Coats, the co-manager of the Oak Value Fund, the current environment provides abundant opportunities for finding businesses with sustainable advantages and attractive valuations. Thorough understanding of the business and industry fundamentals are a crucial part of the strategy of being prepared for the attractive pitch.

Yielding to Dividends

RS Equity Dividend Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Oct 08, 2007

Finding dividend-paying companies with the added ability to create equity value is an uphill task. RS Equity Dividend Fund manager Ray Anello and his team of eight sector-specific fundamental analysts and two quantitative analysts employ a well-disciplined investment strategy to identify those individual companies that not only can maintain their current dividends, but grow them over time.

Focus and Discipline in the Value World

Oak Value Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Jan 10, 2007

Every investor tries to buy great businesses at attractive prices, but very few of them have a clearly defined way to do this. Larry Coats, and David Carr co-managers of Oak Value Fund, believe in valuing equities as businesses and in building a thorough understanding of the key drivers of each company in the portfolio. Restricted only by the firm’s investment principles and discipline, the Fund’s managers may invest even at unusual value places like technology.

Small-Cap Value Team

Munder Small-Cap Value Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Sep 30, 2004

Although small-cap stocks are inherently volatile and the sector itself rather inefficient, sector investment returns have historically fared well over time against the major market averages.

Mid Cap for Every Season

Munder Mid-Cap Select Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

May 13, 2004

Mid-Cap stocks are not well followed by investors. Investors understand the solid financials and safety of the large-cap stocks and are attracted to the growth prospect of small-cap stocks, but rarely are investors aware of the earnings stability and the growth consistency of mid-cap stocks. Not all mid-cap funds are alike. Few mid-cap funds have a track record of beating the market in the last three and five years and fewer managers have the track record that Tony has built.