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Active Share to Add Returns

Touchstone Investments

Jun 09, 2014

The Mutual Fund industry has drifted to closet indexing in the last two decades as style boxes evolved and financial advisors sought funds to meet asset allocations. The absolute return investing strategy regained its status after the market plunge in 2008-2009. Touchstone Investments has created a line of retail equity mutual funds that use high conviction investment strategies with high Active Share in an effort to deliver returns that are superior to benchmarks.

Higher Highs with Limited Downside

Touchstone Mid Cap Fund

GL> Precious Metals/Minerals >

Jul 22, 2013

Stephen Goddard and his team managing Touchstone’s Mid Cap Fund seek downside protection while taking the approach of a private business owner. Typically they buy stocks that they believe are out of favor and look for value on the balance sheet that can contribute to earnings growth and improved perception in the investment community that lifts price multiples.

Avoiding Underperformers

Touchstone High Yield Fund

US> Small-Cap > Core

Feb 28, 2012

Investing in high yield bonds can be especially rewarding if the economy is growing moderately while the default rate is low. Brendan White, portfolio manager of the Touchstone High Yield Fund, explains how the proper selection of sectors and companies with appropriate capital structures translates into an attractive risk-reward ratio for investors in high yield bond funds.

Macro Trends, Macro Gains

Sentinel International Equity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Jan 25, 2008

Global investing with all its inherent sector, country-specific and currency risks requires broader perspective and a disciplined approach. Sentinel International Equity Fund manager Kate Schapiro and her team follow a unique strategy that tracks country, global, sector and even style trends, to pick stocks that will provide above average returns over the long term with a moderate level of volatility.

Disciplined, Yet Adaptable

Old Mutual Analytic US Long Short Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Dec 07, 2007

With the premise that investors’ focus changes over time, Harindra de Silva, the manager of the Old Mutual Analytic U.S. Long/Short Fund, believes that the challenge for modern managers is adapting to changes in a systematic way. Quantitative in nature, the fund’s core competence is weighting the various data factors to provide meaningful rankings. Then it utilizes its research both to hold the attractive stocks and to short the unattractive ones.

Diversified Large Caps

Old Mutual Large Cap Fund

US> Small-Cap > Core

Apr 16, 2007

Jerome Heppelmann manages both the Old Mutual Large Cap (“Large Cap Fund”) and the Old Mutual Focused Fund (“Focused”) with a similar philosophy and process that are based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis to find the right balance between valuation, near-term dynamics, and long-term growth. But the Large Cap Fund is more diversified - it is designed for investors who may not want the large individual weights of a concentrated fund.

Active for Alpha

Old Mutual Focused Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Apr 13, 2007

Jerome Heppelmann, the manager of the Old Mutual Focused Fund, believes that there is ample opportunity in the large-cap space because most of his peers strictly follow the benchmark. Contrary to them, the fund invests in no more than 30 companies. Cognizant of the inherent risk in a focused portfolio, the manager grounds his selection on the trade-off between valuation and growth and looks for companies that offer downside protection.

An Open-Minded Large-Cap Value Search

Citizens Value Fund

US> Small-Cap > Core

Aug 21, 2006

Sophia Collier, who has been at the helm of the Citizens Value Fund for the last three years, has an unusual background for portfolio management. As a successful entrepreneur, she brings not only the business perspective, but also the understanding that the world is a dynamic place and you need the open mindedness and the courage to adjust your views frequently. The fund is looking for the industry underdogs that, under the right circumstances, can benefit both from the earnings growth...

Buy Pessimism and Sell Optimism

Fifth Third Multi-Cap Value Fund


Aug 14, 2006

The value search of the Fifth Third Multi-Cap Value Fund is not confined to a specific sector or market cap range. With a contrarian approach and a long-term outlook, the fund relies on an experienced research team to find those gems, ignored by Wall Street, that have stopped shining only temporarily.

Contrarian In Search of Value

Fifth Third Disciplined Large-Cap Value Fund


Aug 09, 2006

The Fifth Third Disciplined Large-Cap Value Fund exploits the tendency of the market to price stocks based on an extrapolation of recent results. In fact, growth rates exhibit little persistence over time, so that buying out-of-favor, low expectation stocks with low P/E’s, low price to book ratios and above average yields is a winning strategy.

Always Considering the Risk

Sentinel Common Stock Fund

US> Small-Cap > Value

Nov 02, 2005

One of the oldest mutual funds in the country, Sentinel Common Stock Fund, builds its track record since 1934 and its management is comfortable with the viability of the fund's strategy over full market cycles. The strategy looks simple - buying better than average companies and paying slightly below market prices – but the differentiation comes from identifying these companies and evaluating them considering the risk.

Small Cap Secret Sauce

Sentinel Small Company Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Oct 23, 2003

When Scott Brayman asserts that his fund’s worst days are still better than most people’s best days, it doesn’t sound too hollow next to the fund’s top-quintile performance in the past 5-year and 10-year periods. Looking for small to mid-sized companies with some “secret sauce” is no revolutionary concept, but Brayman’s execution on it deserves credit.

High Quality Companies with Transitory Issues

Touchstone Mid Cap Value Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Jul 19, 2017

Every company faces business cycles, including high-quality companies with a history of above-average returns on capital. Todd Vingers, co-portfolio manager of the Touchstone Mid Cap Value Fund with Jay Willadsen, employs a strategy that enables patient investors who can separate temporary issues from negative secular declines to seek strong risk-adjusted returns. 

In Search of Consistent Return Drivers

Touchstone Total Return Bond Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Mar 21, 2016

Investment decisions in the broad fixed-income market tend to be heavily dependent on macroeconomic and interest rate forecasts. Doug Folk and Chris Fitze, portfolio managers of Touchstone Total Return Bond Fund, restrict the influence of such projections on their portfolio by applying a bottom-up approach to sectors and bonds and giving priority to income over yield as a return driver. ?