Tocqueville Funds(2)

Hidden Value

The Delafield Fund


Dec 09, 2009

Small and mid cap companies, which inherently belong to the most obscure spectrum of the investment universe, can offer great rewards to investors with a consistent approach and a keen eye for catalysts. Vincent Sellecchia, co-portfolio manager of The Delafield Fund, seeks out companies that are undergoing fundamental change and yet remain generally overlooked by investors.

Quantitative Analysis in a Non-Quantitative Fund

Tocqueville Opportunity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Apr 02, 2015

Selecting stocks from a pool of 3,000 small- and mid-cap companies, requires a quantitative and disciplined process. Thomas Vandeventer, portfolio manager of the Tocqueville Opportunity Fund, has developed a selection approach which combines fundamental analysis with multi-factor screening to discover companies generating superior quantitative results to peers and to identify undiscovered and undervalued companies.