TCW Funds(3)

Disciplined in Sector Rotation

MetWest Unconstrained Bond Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Jul 29, 2016

In the course of an economic cycle, fixed-income securities can have strong mean reversing tendencies. Although interest rates, the shape of the yield curve, and sector spreads tend to move around, they eventually migrate to an average level over the cycle. Stephen Kane, portfolio manager of the MetWest Unconstrained Bond Fund, and his team look for price anomalies in various fixed-income sectors with a strict value discipline in place. 


Total Return Through Securitized Debt

TCW Total Return Bond Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Apr 01, 2016

Most intermediate bond funds rely on corporate bonds to deliver attractive total returns while anchoring overall credit exposure by using U.S. government and agencies’ debt. Mitch Flack explains how the portfolio team of the TCW Total Return Bond Fund seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by employing the company’s extensive research and trading capabilities and investing carefully in broader classes of securitized debt as a central focus for the fund.

Total Return in Emerging Markets Debt

TCW Emerging Markets Income Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Value

Feb 02, 2018

Understanding the development process in each of a strategy’s target markets is crucial for identifying turning points before they actually happen. The fundamentals-based approach of the TCW Emerging Markets Income Fund’s team, relying in large part on primary research, enables it to assess these opportunities at an early stage and position accordingly.