T. Rowe Price Funds(15)

Diversified in Mid Caps

T. Rowe Price Diversified Mid-Cap Growth Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Apr 08, 2015

The mid-cap space is a lucrative segment of the market for those who can can keep risk in check. Donald J. Easley, portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Diversified Mid-Cap Growth Fund, looks for companies that are compounding earnings growth and generating above average return on capital. The fund invests in hundreds of companies in the fund to diversify away the inherent risk in the asset class.

Diversification in Corporate Bonds

T. Rowe Price Corporate Income Fund

US> Large-Cap > Core

Jun 01, 2012

A portfolio of corporate bonds may offer a better risk reward paradigm for investors looking for safety of investment principal. At the T. Rowe Price Corporate Income Fund, David Tiberii exploits individual security selection, sector rotation, and capital structure positioning as he manages a diversified bond portfolio that primarily invests in corporate high grade bonds selected through proprietary fundamental research.

Returns in Natural Resources

T. Rowe Price New Era Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Dec 29, 2009

As giant emerging markets such as China and India are seeing substantial development of new infrastructure in those countries, the developed economies of the U.S. and Europe are beginning to feel the need to follow suit too. Charles Ober at T. Rowe Price New Era Fund looks for companies in the resource sector to benefit from the sustained commodities demand and a protection against a build-up in inflation.

Stocks With Growth Drivers

T. Rowe Price Emerging Europe & Mediterranean Fund


Nov 16, 2009

Despite an incessant flow of information on Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East, the region is still not well covered by brokerage houses and finance media when it comes to investing. Portfolio manager Leigh Innes explains how T. Rowe Price Emerging Europe & Mediterranean Fund handles volatility, currency risks, and an invariable lack of liquidity through a concentrated portfolio of bigger holdings on fewer stocks.

Searching for Operating Leverage

T. Rowe Price New Asia Fund


Nov 28, 2007

Investing in Asian markets requires a great deal of research involving the study of several country-specific constraints. T. Rowe Price New Asia Fund portfolio manager Frances Dydasco and her research team search for all-cap size companies with a lot of undiscounted operating leverage in the diverse Asian markets including India and China by following a unique research method of visiting, talking to companies, assessing industry trends, and comparing valuations in different markets.

Healthy Returns

T. Rowe Price Health Sciences Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Value

Oct 12, 2006

Investing in healthcare requires special understanding of drugs, diseases and the business of healthcare delivery. With the population ageing and cost of delivery of healthcare spiraling there are opportunities to make and lose money. At T. Rowe Price Health Science Fund, Kris Jenner devotes his time to separating the winners from the losers and is willing to pay a reasonable price for growing companies.

Global Value Search

T. Rowe Price International Growth & Income Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Feb 15, 2006

Finding undervalued investments around the world requires a rigorous investment process and thorough research. In addition to attractive valuation, the International Growth & Income Fund of T. Rowe Price needs to see a potential catalyst and an asymmetrical risk/reward before it invests in a stock. Dividends are an important part of the fund's strategy to provide both income and long-term growth.

A Blend of Ideas

T. Rowe Price Small Cap Stock Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Dec 12, 2003

Besting the Russell 2000 index, while staying within the small-cap universe is the goal of Greg McCrickard’s Small Cap Stock portfolio. Building and maintaining a blend of 250 names across the value and growth categories takes a blend of research and valuation methods, fueled by ideas from T. Rowe Price’s sizeable analytical force.

Make the Telecom Trend Your Friend

T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Jan 01, 2003

Although media and telecommunications stocks have experienced rough sledding for nearly three years, the T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications Fund, managed by Robert Gensler, still scores high on the Lipper rankings over a five-year period.

A Patient Investor in Quality Mid Caps

T. Rowe Price Diversified Mid-Cap Growth Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Aug 22, 2017

As stocks fall in and out of favor, high-quality businesses tend to regain investors’ attention by delivering consistent earnings growth. Donald J. Easley, portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Diversified Mid-Cap Growth Fund, and his team of analysts use a structured research process based on selecting high-quality companies that have the potential to deliver superior returns with a long-term investment horizon. 

Global Bonds of Many Stripes

T. Rowe Price Global Multi-Sector Bond Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Nov 28, 2016

Developing markets have offered an expanded opportunity set in the last decade, as the implementation of prudent financial discipline by many emerging economies coincides with bond yields dropping to near zero in their developed counterparts. Steve Huber, portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Global Multi-Sector Bond Fund, employs a flexible approach to selecting diverse bonds with the help of tactical allocation and rigorous global research.

Diversified Across Geographies and Asset Classes

T. Rowe Price Global Allocation Fund

Aug 16, 2016

Having a broad global investment opportunity set provides diversification and the ability to uncover the best investment ideas around the world, as global markets rarely move in lockstep. Charles Shriver explains how the T. Rowe Price Global Allocation Fund draws on the top investment ideas from the firm’s more than 225 global research analysts in constructing a globally diversified portfolio driven by active management and fundamental research.

Out-Yielding and Out-Spreading

T. Rowe Price Corporate Income Fund

US> Large-Cap > Core

Jan 19, 2016

Investment- grade corporate bonds offer attractive opportunities to investors looking for additional yield over Treasuries but with lower rates of default than high yield bonds. However, analyzing and selecting from a large number of bonds issued by corporations in a variety of industries and countries requires experience and resources. David Tiberii and his staff look for bonds that have an improving credit profile and stable cash flows. 

A Disciplined Approach to Small Caps

T. Rowe Price Diversified Small-Cap Growth Fund

US> Large-Cap > Core

Mar 20, 2015

For many investors the small cap universe is the realm of guessing and taking chances. When it comes to stock selection in this segment, Sudhir Nanda, portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Diversified Small-Cap Growth Fund, leverages his academic background and profound testing process to run a diversified portfolio with low volatility and no room for random decisions.

Quality Growth

T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Jun 10, 2015

Large companies can be complex and often have several growth drivers not easily understood solely by quantitative analysis. For more than two decades, since the inception of the T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund, Larry Puglia has provided a steady hand in guiding investment process in finding durable growth companies using qualitative and quantitative work.