Stadion Funds(5)

Participate in the Upside, Limit the Downside

Stadion Tactical Growth Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Oct 23, 2014

Market conditions for investors can vary from favorable to hostile and all stops in between. Investors want to participate as much as possible in the upside and limit or avoid the down phases that inevitably follow. The Stadion Tactical Growth Fund is designed to benefit from rising markets and limit the downside losses by a careful selection of securities on a systemic basis.

Core and Satellite

Stadion Core Advantage Portfolio


Jan 11, 2013

Market momentum can work in your favor if your model knows how to ride it. Markets never move in unison as sectors within them zigzag in their own direction. At Stadion Funds, Brad Thompson and his team have devised indicators that analyze short and long term trends designed to leverage market momentum.

Winning By Not Losing

Stadion Managed Portfolio

US> Large-Cap > Core

Dec 12, 2011

Rotations in markets and sentiments tend to create opportunities for disciplined investors who follow a rule-based system. Brad A. Thompson and his team rely on a time-tested model to identify the gathering momentums in securities while following a strict discipline to protect gains and avoid market downturns.

Follow the Trend

PMFM Managed Portfolio Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Jul 16, 2008

Instead of focusing on the data and noise flooding the equity markets, Gregory L. Morris, the manager of the PMFM Managed Portfolio Fund, prefers to measure and ride the market trends. After all, it is not important what caused the buying enthusiasm or the speculation. The important part is having a system to detect the upward trend early enough to gain, as well as the downward trend to avoid losing.

Uncorrelated, Dividend-Based Returns

Stadion Alternative Income Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Jul 25, 2016

With interest rates so low and likely to go higher, investors are exposed to a dramatically different return outcome over the next ten years compared to the previous decade. Brad Thompson, portfolio manager of the Stadion Alternative Income Fund, relies on dividend income from select companies in the S&P 500 Index as well as options to limit downside protection and diversify sources of risks and returns.