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Small Cap Gems

Westcore International Small-Cap Fund

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Nov 14, 2012

Small cap companies with business models focused on market niches can offer unique investment opportunities to diligent investors who have resources and capabilities to unearth these names worldwide. John Fenley and his colleagues at the Westcore International Small-Cap Fund follow a rigorous process of finding companies with growth characteristics that we believe are trading at a discount to their long-term potential.

Evaluating Growth Layers

Westcore MIDCO Growth Fund


Jul 21, 2011

Investing in growth stories is certainly not as simple as the mere following of companies with growing sales and earnings. As part of a sound investment strategy, a prudent investor will concentrate on identifying layers of growth and key drivers within those companies. William Chester explains how the six-manager portfolio team at the Westcore MIDCO Growth Fund search for companies with deep growth layers and sustainable growth profiles.

Earnings Catalysts in Mid Caps

Westcore Select Fund


Feb 26, 2010

For the most part, stock valuations are anchored in the expectations of earnings and cash flows. William S. Chester and his team at the Westcore Select Fund screen for companies that have sustainable earnings in the mid cap spectrum and are likely to revise their earnings higher.

Capturing Positive Steps

SBH Small Cap Value Fund

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Apr 09, 2015

The small-cap segment can be challenging for companies and investors alike. While many businesses struggle to generate consistent earnings and sales growth, investors are further discouraged by the prevailing lack of information that shrouds this part of the market. Mark T. Dickherber and his team at the SBH Small Cap Value Fund screen small caps in search of management teams whose positive steps are still not widely understood and reflected in stock prices.