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Granular Glide Path

Schwab Target Date Funds

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Feb 05, 2014

As more people assume responsibility of managing their retirement accounts, target date funds have become the first stop for many undecided and unprepared investors. Charles Schwab has been managing a target date funds series that prefers to allocate higher amounts to equities in the early part of the glide path, with a holistic view on risk.

Truly Ginnie Mae

Schwab GNMA Fund

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Apr 26, 2016

Remaining true to style may not be easy in all market environments, but for Matt Hastings, portfolio manager of Schwab GNMA Fund, the focus on the Ginnie Mae universe means staying true to investors. With a team experienced in active and passive strategies, the fund combines quantitative analysis with real-world judgment to exploit market inefficiencies. The goal is to construct and manage a diversified portfolio that generates above-benchmark returns.

Integrated Approach To Small Caps

Schwab Small Cap Equity Fund

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Apr 15, 2015

Jonas Svallin, Vice President and senior portfolio manager of the Schwab Small Cap Equity Fund, has a very clear goal: to provide investors with exposure to small caps at the right price. He relies on an investment approach that integrates a quantitative model with fundamental inputs, focusing on valuation and avoiding any unintentional market, industry, or style bets, in a diversified portfolio.