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Understanding Market Drivers

Rock Canyon Top Flight Long-Short Fund

Jun 16, 2008

Rock Canyon Top Flight Long-Short Fund is built on the premise that in any given investment environment there is a unique set of factors that cause investors to prefer one investment style over another. Fund manager Jonathan Ferrell is trying to identify style trends that will persist for some time and create a return stream that has the ability to outperform in any market environment and has a low level of correlation with the market itself and with other traditional strategies.

Style Rotation

Rock Canyon Top Flight Fund

US> Small-Cap > Value

Apr 19, 2006

Most managers analyze tons of fundamental data in order to get a competitive edge. Very few others, like Jonathan Ferrell, manager of Rock Canyon Top Flight fund, analyze the reactions of investors to specific market conditions. With as little constraints as possible, the fund uses multiple styles and shorts stocks when appropriate. What matters are the trends made visible and exploitable by the multi-factor quantitative model.