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Volatility Profits

RiverNorth Dynamic Buy-Write Fund


Jun 28, 2013

Alternative investing has expanded over the years and the covered call or buy-write strategy is by no means new. The RiverNorth Dynamic Buy-Write Fund is unique because the focus is on generating returns by selling the right volatility at the right price, unlike peers who focus on long stock or index security selection with secondary thought to the covered call writing strategy.

Opportunistic Investing in Closed-End Funds

RiverNorth Core Opportunity Fund

US> Small-Cap > Core

Apr 07, 2010

There are more than six hundred closed-end funds and, quite naturally, not all of them trade at their fair values all the time. Patrick Galley, portfolio manager of the RiverNorth Core Opportunity Fund, looks for closed-end funds that are not only trading at a discount to their assets but are also likely to appreciate in value in the near term.