PineBridge Funds(2)

Improving Fundamentals, Rising Earnings

PineBridge US Small Cap Growth Fund

US> Industrial Goods/Services >

Nov 29, 2011

Small cap companies are generally below the radar of Wall Street. These companies operate in niche markets and many lead their market segments with a tight focus on products, technologies or services they offer. Jamie Cuellar looks for companies that are experiencing improving business prospects and are also attracting new investors.

Micro Cap with Macro Returns

Brazos Micro Cap Fund

US> Health/Biotechnology >

Sep 21, 2006

The Brazos Micro Cap Fund digs into the micro-cap arena looking for companies with potential for rapid growth in earnings and revenue under reliable management. The key to this strategy is spotting opportunities before the market does and, hopefully, enjoying the ride from market cap in the range of $100 to $600 million to $1 billion.