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Sep 29, 2010

Regardless of its promising features, the smallest market capitalization segment is often overlooked by researchers and investors. Portfolio manager Michael Corbett explains how The Perritt Micro Cap Opportunities Fund (PRCGX) and The Perritt Emerging Opportunities Fund (PREOX) utilize a diligent investment research process and strict evaluation criteria to find stocks trading at a discount to their earnings potential.

The Smallest Companies Out There

Perritt Capital Management


Aug 07, 2006

Perritt Emerging Opportunities Fund was created with the idea to invest in the smallest companies to be discovered, smaller even than the companies in Perritt MicroCap Opportunities Fund. The philosophy behind microcap investing is simple – the smaller the companies, the better the potential long-term return. But because of the specific risks of this micro space, it’s the research effort that makes the difference.