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Selective Corporate Credits

Pacific Funds Strategic Income Fund

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Nov 08, 2016

When it comes to strategic income, investors tend to seek balance between well-researched selectivity and diversification. Brian M. Robertson and his team of analysts at Pacific Asset Management rely on a collaborative analysis of investment-grade, high-yield corporate bonds, and floating-rate loans to build a diversified portfolio that generates risk-adjusted returns over a market cycle.

Flexibility in Corporate Credits

Pacific Funds Short Duration Income Fund

Feb 19, 2016

Corporate bonds are generally preferred for their attractive risk/reward profile in the investment-grade space. Moreover, the additional yield embedded in the second tier bonds can provide enhanced returns with relatively attractive risk, limiting the need to search in the very low end of the credit spectrum. David Weismiller, portfolio manager for Pacific Asset Management, the investment manager to Pacific Funds Short Duration Income Fund, and his team of seasoned research analysts seek to exploit opportunities in corporate credit, across investment grade, senior floating rate loans, and high yield bonds.