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Systemic Selection in Small Caps

PNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Core Fund

INT> Real Estate >

Jul 31, 2014

Small cap companies are known for their growth potential but risks abound. Hitesh C. Patel and Paul Kleinaitis follow a systemic investment process with proprietary factors that are based on business fundamentals, valuation and investor envelop.

Selective International Growth

PNC International Equity Fund

Mar 01, 2013

International investing demands discipline and a global focus. Selecting the right country is just as important as to select the right company. Martin C Schulz and his team of analysts look for countries with improving economic fundamentals first and then select companies with strong earnings growth prospects.

Glow with the Cash Flow

PNC Small Cap Fund

US> Business/Financial Services >

Jan 08, 2013

A mispriced small cap company whose business model generates excess cash flows is undoubtedly a lucrative investment opportunity. Gordon A. Johnson, portfolio manager of the PNC Small Cap Fund, adheres to a strict buy-and-sell discipline while investing in underfollowed companies with management teams committed to long-term organic growth.

A Value Approach to High Yield Bonds

PNC High Yield Bond Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

May 09, 2012

Successful high yield bond investing requires a thorough research process and a strict buy discipline. Ken Karwowski and Tim Compan, portfolio managers of the PNC High Yield Bond Fund, and their internal research team screen for companies that are dominant in their industries and set to generate stable free cash flows.

Valuable Inefficiencies

Allegiant Large Cap Value Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Jun 23, 2006

For Michael J. Chren, team leader for the Allegiant Asset Management Large Cap Value equity styles, value investing is a superior strategy because though markets tend to be efficient over the long term, it is critical to take advantage of short term pricing inefficiencies. His strategy does just that. Value stocks are not necessarily those with low P/Es, but those trading at least 25% below their intrinsic value. The critical variable is how to measure intrinsic value.

A Three-Prong Quant Approach to Small Caps

PNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Growth Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Mar 31, 2017

Successful investing in small-cap companies requires both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The portfolio team of the PNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Growth Fund has developed a broad quantitative methodology that relies on three-level evaluation of business momentum, investor interest, and reasonable price compared to peers. With this systematic approach, the fund seeks to avoid most of the downside while capturing most of the upside. 

Exceeding Analyst Expectations

PNC Large Cap Growth Fund

US> Small-Cap > Value

May 22, 2015

While large companies are generally well followed by both analysts and investors, there is little evidence that knowing a company well will result in outperforming the market. Douglas Roman and his team of analysts at the PNC Large Cap Growth Fund follow a systematic process in identifying companies with characteristics that will lead them to outperform. 

International Growth and Value in One

PNC International Equity Fund

Aug 28, 2018

PNC International Equity Fund comprises both growth and value components to gain exposure to a broad swathe of complementary investment opportunities. Martin Schulz, lead portfolio manager of the growth team, seeks companies with accelerating earnings growth, strong management teams, and stable balance sheets, while the value team looks for undervalued streams of free cash flow. The end result is a highly diversified international portfolio that aims to benefit from the best of both worlds.