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Tactical Allocation in Real Assets

Prudential Real Assets Fund

INT> Real Estate >

Aug 14, 2014

Real assets offer a way to expand portfolio diversification. These assets come in wide varieties and demand expertise to invest. Edward L. Campbell and his team bring deep expertise in dynamically selecting these assets in various market environments to generate superior returns to broader market averages.

Downside Protection for Long-Term Value

Prudential High Yield Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Oct 08, 2012

Investing in high yield bonds is about selecting fundamentally sound companies and securities that offer superior risk-adjusted returns. Paul Appleby and Michael J. Collins, members of the Prudential High Yield Fund portfolio management team, highlight the importance of fundamentally sound companies and downside risk as a source of consistent long-term returns with less volatility than the average high yield bond fund.

Prudential High Yield Fund

Prudential High Yield Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Mar 03, 2017

High yield bonds can offer an attractive risk reward profile but the asset class is not without risks and potential volatility. The Prudential High Yield Fund seeks relative value in primarily higher-quality, high-yield bonds that are carefully researched by analysts and portfolio managers.

Globally Diversified in Industry Leaders

PGIM Jennison Global Opportunities Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Value

Jul 25, 2018

As economies around the world become more interconnected, local companies can accelerate on the path of regional or global leadership with the right kind of products and management preparedness. Thomas Davis, co-portfolio manager of the PGIM Jennison Global Opportunities Fund, explains how the team’s high-conviction, concentrated strategy seeks the best ideas globally.