Nuveen Funds(3)

Real Estate In Focus

First American Real Estate Secs Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

May 24, 2007

Although John Wenker manages a portfolio that invests only in real estate, his goal is to build a balanced portfolio diversified across property types and driven mainly by stock selection. He believes that the long-term success in the REIT space is driven by industry expertise, a bottom-up approach that requires hard work on each name, and a focus on quality.

Investing into an Expanding Universe

First American Small Growth Opportunities Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Jan 01, 2003

Formerly a micro cap fund, First American has changed the market capitalization limitation to allow for more names from the small cap sector. Co-manager Joe Frohna informed Ticker that although the name has been changed to the Small Growth Opportunities Fund, the investment approach remains the same.

A Focus on Attractive Dividend Growers

Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Aug 24, 2017

Since companies committed to paying dividends operate under stricter financial discipline, as a group they tend to deliver stable performance. The Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth Fund focuses on investing in businesses with growing cash flow and rising dividends, which are likely to do better in challenging economic environments.