Meridian Funds(3)

Secular Change

Jordan Opportunity Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Oct 13, 2008

Growth investors look for improving earnings in many industries, but Jordan Opportunity Fund looks for secular growth in few industries. Investors sell stocks when expectations of growth are revised lower even when longer term growth cycle is still in place. Exploiting this change in sentiment is what fund manager Jerry Jordan seeks to do.

Seeking Broken Angles

Meridian Value Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Oct 18, 2007

Most research shows that it is very difficult to beat the market, but Meridian Value Fund has discovered one area that over time has done that. That is investing in temporarily broken growth companies because the market tends to discount those at an extreme level. Fund managers Rick Aster and James England tr y to capitalize on that opportunity using a value investing strategy with a focus on the long-term earnings growth potential of companies.

Fundamentally Justified Growth

Jordan Opportunity Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

May 15, 2006

When looking for growth, the Jordan Opportunity Fund explores macro trends and dislocations in the fundamental supply-demand story that go unrecognized by the market. It focuses on four to six investment themes where the firm builds analysis advantage. A crucial part of Jordan's strategy is avoiding high-multiple stocks and the risks that go with them.