Meeder Funds(2)

Oversold Stocks in Out of Favor Sectors

The Flex-funds Quantex Fund

US> Small-Cap > Core

Oct 04, 2011

Long-term investing calls for a disciplined approach to applying one’s criteria regardless of market cycles. At The Quantex Fund, Bob Meeder and his team follow a proprietary investment model with a focus on oversold market sectors that are expected to generate consistent returns.

Out of Favor and Poised to Recover

Meeder Quantex Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Aug 29, 2017

Mid-cap stocks offer two attractive features to investors: financial stability and flexible management to harvest the growth that lies ahead. However, these companies, too, fall out of favor as businesses go through the downs of the business cycle before they recover. Bob Meeder, President and CEO of Meeder Investment Management, explains how the Meeder Quantex Fund benefits from rules-based investing in identifying such undervalued stocks and harvesting their gains with an emotionless investment discipline.