Marsico Funds(2)

Concentrated in High Growth Opportunities

Marsico International Opportunities Fund

Nov 01, 2017

Management quality plays a crucial role when companies are poised to accelerate growth. Robert Susman, co-portfolio manager of the Marsico International Opportunities Fund, and his global team of analysts search for and invest in businesses with highly recurring or subscription-based models as sources of healthy cash flows.

Flexible and Concentrated

Marsico Flexible Capital Fund

US> Real Estate >

Aug 11, 2016

As economic cycles impact corporate earnings and stock valuations, stable and established companies are the most likely candidates to deliver even in tougher economic times. At the helm of the Marsico Flexible Capital Fund, Jordon Laycob and Munish Malhotra complement their concentrated portfolio of growth companies with a dynamic exposure to bonds and preferred stocks based on the best risk/reward ratios.