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Long and Short, Diversified Internationally

MainStay International Opportunities Fund

Jun 11, 2014

MainStay International Opportunities Fund is a diversified international fund that seeks total return. The team takes a multi-dimensional approach, using proprietary quantitative techniques to account for stocks with distinct characteristics, such as market capitalization, industry and region. The fund is one of a handful of international funds that utilizes short selling.

Floating Loans for Floating Rates

MainStay Floating Rate Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Nov 18, 2013

Companies issuing high yield bonds are also among the largest issuers of floating rate loans. Loans are customarily secured whereas high yield bonds are not. In addition, loans are tied to a base rate with short term duration, so when rates begin to rise from the current historic lows, rates on loans will also adjust to higher rates, an attractive feature for many investors.

Small-Cap Values

Epoch International Small Cap Fund


Mar 20, 2007

Small-cap investing requires a hands on approach and to do this internationally demands an investment process that is scalable. Epoch International Small Cap Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing at least 80% of its assets in small-cap companies outside of the U.S. Incorporating a top-down thematic approach with fundamental bottom-up stock analysis, Daniel Geber, portfolio manager, aims to offer a differentiated investment process in small-cap investing.

Focus on Fundamentals

MainStay Mid Cap Growth Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Core

Sep 13, 2005

In the growth space, making the right long-term bets is only attainable through the support of systematic research. Rudolph Carryl, the portfolio manager of the MainStay Mid Cap Growth Fund has utilized fundamental analysis to deliver above-average returns at relatively low risk levels.

Disciplined in Global Selection

MainStay Epoch Global Choice Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Value

Oct 09, 2017

Finding investable companies is hard enough in any one region of the world, and doing it around the globe calls for a rigorous process and strict discipline. William J Booth, portfolio manager of the MainStay Epoch Global Choice Fund, and his team of analysts look for companies with operations generating free cash flow, management with capital allocation discipline, and attractive valuation.  

High Yield with a Margin of Safety

MainStay High Yield Corporate Bond Fund

GL> Science/Technology >

Apr 27, 2015

The $1.6 trillion US high-yield bond market has matured in recent years as the quality of new issuance has steadily improved. Andrew Susser and his team of seasoned credit experts at the MainStay High Yield Corporate Bond Fund rely on deep fundamental research and a time-tested investment process to select bonds that offer superior risk-adjusted value.