Madison Funds(6)

Alpha Through Covered Calls

Madison Equity Income Fund

GL> Infrastructure >

Jul 12, 2013

Volatile markets and short-term perception of investors in markets create opportunity for long-term investors who are selective in their stock picking. Writing covered call options for companies in portfolio not only creates income but also offers downside protection. Ray DiBernado and his team of analysts look to implement a strategy of diversified call options (rather than index options) to generate additional income for the fund.

Best of Both Worlds

Madison Mid Cap Fund

GL> Precious Metals/Minerals >

May 06, 2013

Companies with market cap between $500 million and $10 billion have the best of both worlds of large and small cap companies. Strong balance sheets and management resources generally found in large companies and growth opportunities available to smaller companies. Richard Eisinger and Matt Hayner and a team of five analysts look for companies that are run by seasoned managers and have predictable cash flows whose shares can be purchased at a discount.

Searching International Values

Hansberger International Value Fund


Jun 04, 2010

International value investing requires a profound understanding of emerging markets as a possible source of extra value in addition to attractive investments in developed economies. Ron Holt, portfolio manager of the Hansberger International Value Fund, and his team stay focused on valuation, sectors and individual company outlook on a global basis to find names that are likely to outperform while trading at a discount to their peers.

Leaders in Emerging Markets

Hansberger Emerging Markets Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Oct 29, 2009

Emerging markets used to be perceived as common entities that would go up and down together, but that is no longer the case. Hansberger’s Emerging Markets Fund utilizes specific knowledge of countries and companies to identify current and new industry and national leaders. Portfolio manager Francisco Alzuru and his team search for promising names with a sharp focus on price that they are willing to pay for these companies.

Participate and Protect

Mosaic Mid-Cap Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Jun 16, 2006

Seeking long-term capital appreciation through investments in mid-sized growth companies is part of the philosophy of the Mosaic Mid-Cap Fund. Richard Eisinger, co-manager of the fund, believes that businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and predictable cash flow prove to be less risky in the long run. The fund prides itself on avoiding the herd mentality and thus limiting risk.

High-Quality Businesses With Short-Term Valuation Opportunities

Madison Small Cap Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Jun 06, 2017

Although the small-cap universe is made up of a large number of companies, few names receive analyst coverage and investor attention on a consistent basis. Moreover, these stocks are easily ignored or avoided if the companies fall off from the growth trajectory or face temporary problems. Timothy McCormack explains how the Madison Small Cap Fund offers opportunities to long-term investors with the help of resources to research broader investment perspectives.