MFS Funds(9)

Quality Mid Caps

MFS Mid Cap Value Fund

US> Large-Cap > Core

Jun 13, 2013

Mid cap companies have dual advantage of mature management and financial strength and better opportunities to expand and grow than large cap companies. Brooks Taylor and Kevin Schmitz look for stocks where expectations are low and companies have room for improvements.

Balance in Corporate and Sovereign Risks

MFS Research Bond Fund

US> Consumer Goods/Services >

Jul 10, 2012

In the world of fixed-income investing, relative value can be found in various bonds across the entire risk spectrum. Robert D. Persons explains how the MFS Research Bond Fund sizes up the market environment to determine the most appropriate level of risk in the portfolio. The research-driven team of portfolio managers and analysts seeks income and principal protection by discovering companies and bonds that are likely to outperform as business fundamentals improve.

Buying the Whole International Race

MFS International Diversification Fund

GL> Natural Resources/Materials >

Aug 30, 2006

Since international exposure usually represents only a small part of investors’ assets, it is most often concentrated only in the style that has recently outperformed as advisors rarely have the capacity to offer more diversification. Recognizing that demand for style-specific non-US investing will grow, MFS has bundled together its five flagship international products to provide an easy and cost-effective access to truly global markets.

Avoiding Mistakes in a Risky Field

MFS High Yield Opportunities Fund


Mar 13, 2006

Risk taking is a way of life for high yield bond managers who operate at the least secure part of the market. John Addeo manages the MFS High Yield Opportunities fund with the understanding that bond investors usually don't have the chance to find home runs that offset mistakes. The fund's way of outperformance is avoiding mistakes through diversification, bottom-up credit selection, and rigorous research effort.

Conservativeness in a Global Context

MFS International Value Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Value

Oct 11, 2005

Barnaby Wiener, the manager of MFS International Value Fund, combines a conservative approach to managing investors’ money with bravery when he has enough confidence in a story. He doesn't like grand projections on the direction of the world and stays focused within his expertise – bottom-up stock selection, which involves careful evaluation of both the upside and the downside potential.

Trust the Model

Penn Street Sector Rotational Portfolio

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Jan 13, 2004

In a market longing for risk control, stability, and predictability, it is no surprise to find good asset management ideas born in trusts and other wealth management departments. When Michael Mara left his trust job, he had one of those ideas and a plan to implement it in a mutual fund format. The result is a portfolio with a steady top-quintile Lipper ranking in the multi-cap core category.

Stability Pays

MFS Total Return Fund

US> Small-Cap > Value

Dec 12, 2003

Running a consistent top-quintile performer over the past 10-year, 5-year, and 3-year periods by sticking to the textbook principles of portfolio construction is what Ed Baldini’s team is doing at the MFS Total Return Fund. The manager told Ticker how the classic 60% stocks over 40% bonds structure never goes out of fashion, as long as you are into the right stocks and bonds.

Winning with the A-Team

MFS Strategic Value Fund

global> Infrastructure >

May 09, 2003

Flexibility has enabled Kenneth J. Enright, portfolio manager of the MFS Strategic Value A Fund, to achieve a 5-year return of more than 9% and a four-star ranking from Morningstar. TICKER learned the manager attributes his success to an 'A Team' of hard-working analysts at the Boston-based fund shop.

Growth at the Core

MFS Core Growth Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Feb 01, 2003

Although off more than 25% for the year, the MFS Core Growth A Fund still sports a five-year return of better than 3%. Co-manager Peggy Adams thinks that after two years of cost cutting, large-cap growth companies earnings will improve in 2003.