Liberty Street Funds(3)

Balancing Risks Through Tactical Allocation

Tosoro Newfound Tactical Allocation Fund

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Feb 20, 2014

The Fund is a multi-asset class strategy focusing on investing in four primary economic regimes: Prosperity, Inflation, Recession, and Deflation. The tactical overlay uses relative momentum to target specific regimes as well as attempt to minimize exposure to regimes that may be out of favor.

Flexibility in Structured Finance

Braddock Multi-Strategy Income Fund

Sep 08, 2017

Asset-backed securities, including mortgage-backed securities, are a special area of the fixed-income space that demands specialized knowledge and experience in credit markets and the economy. Garrett Tripp, portfolio manager of the Braddock Multi-Strategy Income Fund, relies on a flexible and opportunistic approach to find securities that offer the best risk-reward profile.

Diversification with Closed-End Municipal Funds

Robinson Tax Advantaged Income Fund

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Jan 04, 2016

Municipal bonds are popular with investors seeking tax-free yields. At the same time, closed-end municipal bond funds trade at a discount to underlying securities, which creates an attractive opportunity for patient investors. Jim Robinson, portfolio manager of the Robinson Tax Advantaged Income Fund, employs an investment strategy based on the valuation advantage of closed-end funds and the benefit of diversification in muni bonds.