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You Can't Uncouple from Valuation

Kinetics Paradigm Fund

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Aug 05, 2003

Peter Doyle mentioned Warren Buffett, the famed Oracle of Omaha, in the conversation. Like Buffett, TICKER learned that the 40-year-old money manager was schooled in the deep value investment approach of Ben Graham. He's read Graham & Dodd's classic TheIntelligent Investor 25 times. Lipper ranks his deep value Paradigm Fund, now available to advisers, in the top 10% of mid cap blend funds for three-year performance.

Structural Constraints As Opportunities

Kinetics Market Opportunities Fund

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Nov 02, 2016

In today’s efficient marketplace, finding an undervalued company ahead of the crowd is a difficult task. Instead, Murray Stahl, Chairman, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Horizon Kinetics, and co-portfolio manager of the Kinetics Market Opportunities Fund, concentrates on companies with no fundamental issues but with structural impediments that drive away other investors. Employing the scientific method in research, the fund has the discipline to look for opportunities and the patience to wait for the market to catch up.