Jensen Funds(3)

Long Term Focus on Quality and Growth

Jensen Quality Growth Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Apr 25, 2013

Of the nearly 5,000 companies trading on U.S. stock exchanges only 165 companies have the track record to generate more than 15% return on equity over the last ten years. Eric H. Schoenstein and his team are looking to invest in these quality growth companies that are trading at a discount to their long term values.

Jensen's Nifty Fifty

The Jensen Portfolio

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Dec 03, 2003

Bob Millen’s team believes there are 50 stocks in the world that are worth buying at any point in time and selects the best 25 out of those. The purpose is to find the most consistent earners of the decade and thus try to guarantee solid returns over the long haul without volatile roller coaster rides. Bob told Ticker how this conservative strategy has helped the fund stay in the top quintile in the multi-cap core category.

Consistent High Performers

Jensen Quality Growth Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Dec 08, 2017

Companies with strong competitive advantages and growth profiles that are also run by a competent management team are more likely to deliver consistent performance even when the business climate is unfavorable. Portfolio manager Eric Schoenstein explains how the Jensen Quality Growth Fund utilizes a rigorous analysis of free cash flow investment to mitigate business and pricing risks.