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Mid-Cap Quant Strategy

Viking Small-Cap Value Fund

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Oct 26, 2007

Small-cap stocks offer great opportunities for capital appreciation, but tend to be vulnerable to competitive challenges and bad economic news. Viking Small-Cap Value fund employs a strategy designed to give downside protection in the search of long-term total return and capital preservation. For Gregory Greene, portfolio manager, buying high-quality companies trading at a discount to the market leads to a better performance over the long term with less risk.

Fundamental Morals

Integrity Growth & Income Fund


Aug 27, 2007

Aware of the risks connected with stocks investing, Integrity Growth & Income Fund uses a blended strategy to balance its investments between growth and dividend-paying stocks, depending on where value is in the stock market. Portfolio manager Robert Loest looks within his ethical universe to identify well-managed companies that generate reliable cash flows and consistent returns on investment and that sell below their estimated fair market value.