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Canada is the second-largest country in the world by total area with a relatively small population of 38 million people. Since the United Nations started to release the Human Development Index, or HDI, in 1990, Canada has been ranked in the top 15 countries, and as such is one of the most livable countries in the world. It has a comprehensive education system comprising universities, secondary schools, and primary schools, offering varied learning opportunities and environments. Secondary school degrees and university diplomas issued by Canadian education institutions are recognized world-wide. Scientific research organizations, research facilities, and world-class scientists make Canada a nation of innovation, attracting talent from around the world to study and settle there. Canada has established welcoming immigration policies, offering various immigration pathways. Canada has also established a comprehensive vocational education system, which is regulated by federal and provincial authorities and offers additional immigration pathways. Canadian government policy promotes increasing the country’s human resources by enhancing opportunities for immigration. According to Immigration and Citizenship Canada, overseas students constitute more than 40% of all immigrants to Canada each year. Canada offers international students a competitive path to permanent residence and citizenship, allowing them to work while they study, then to obtain a post-graduation work permit to gain Canadian work experience, and then to offer them more than 80 economic class immigration pathways. The Canadian Bureau for International Education, or CBIE, research shows that international students also choose Canada due to the country’s strong quality of education and its reputation as a multicultural and tolerant society. Due to these factors, Canada is an attractive destination for international students, with students coming from 214 countries in 2019. According to Statistics Canada, each year international students generate a substantial amount of revenue, making a significant contribution to the Canadian economy. In Canada fiscal year 2018-2019, public and private expenditure on education amounted to $85 billion, which was approximately 6.5% of Canada’s GDP, including $8.47 billion, or 6.15% of the total, contributed by international students. The revenue generated by international students has been increasing at a rate of 7% per year. According to Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada, Canada attracted a total of 433,135 new international students in 2019, and 341,180 new immigrants, which included 190,000 who immigrated through education-related immigration pathways.

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Filing 16 May, 2022

Offer 17 May, 2022

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Offer Price $4.00
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