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Offer Price Offer Size 3-Year Outlook Volatility First Day Turnover
$14.00 10,000,000 Positive High 57.84%

Offering Team

  • Legal counsel
  • Fenwick & West LLP
  • Auditors
  • Armanino LLP

Deal Highlights

Our mission is to empower every organization with the breakthrough perspectives they need to deliver truly exceptional customer experiences using human insight. We have pioneered a video-first, enterprise-grade SaaS platform that enables organizations to see and hear the experiences of real people as they engage with products, designs, apps, processes, concepts, or brands. Our platform captures authentic, credible, and highly contextualized customer perspectives from targeted audiences who have opted in to share their thoughts, whether for digital, real-world, or omnichannel experiences. Using machine learning, our platform analyzes these perspectives and surfaces key moments of insight rapidly and at scale. This helps organizations to free up time and resources and make better customer experience decisions faster using the power of video to drive alignment and action. As the world and consumer behavior change, companies are increasingly differentiating themselves based on their ability to deliver the best experiences for their customers. Organizations are spending billions of dollars to understand their customers through data. Despite all these investments, there is still a significant gap between an organization’s perception of its customer-centricity and its customers’ perceptions of their experiences. This divide, or “empathy gap,” has a direct impact on the end customer and often leads to poor customer experiences.

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IPO Dates

Filing 16 Nov, 2021

Offer 17 Nov, 2021

Look Ahead

Lock Up Expiry May 17, 2022

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Offer Price $14.00
Offer Size 10M

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