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$27.00 19.000,000 Positive High 67470526.32%

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  • Legal counsel
  • Latham & Watkins LLP
  • Auditors

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When a home run sails over the wall or a touchdown is caught in the final seconds, we are all connected for a moment by our love of the game and the passion we share for sports. Shared moments in sports are tightly woven into the fabric of daily life for billions of people worldwide. In an age of accelerating technology enablement, fandom is 24/7, 365 days-a-year and fans are engaging in deeper ways with sports content and data than ever before. Sportradar sits at this nexus of sports, data and technology. Our mission is to enhance sports fan engagement globally through our fully integrated technology and services platform. Sportradar is a leading technology platform enabling next generation engagement in sports, and the number one provider of B2B solutions to the global sports betting industry based on revenue. We provide mission-critical software, data and content via subscription and revenue share arrangements to sports leagues, betting operators and media companies. Since our founding in 2001, we have been at the forefront of innovation in the sports betting industry and we continue to be a global leader in understanding, leveraging and monetizing the power of sports data. Sports fanatics are no longer content with only watching games in person or on TV. Fans crave multi-platform experiences, immediate insights with predictive analytics and highly personalized content. The $184 billion sports market, as of 2019, according to the PwC Reports, is also ripe for disruption as new levels of interactivity such as gamification, data visualizations and augmented reality accelerate alongside significant growth in sports betting. The accelerating trend towards legalization of sports betting globally is providing new avenues for fan engagement, and the proliferation of mobile betting applications and live in-game betting is fueling heightened interactivity. Mobile sports betting is the fastest growing sports betting channel and is expected to account for approximately 50% of total gross gaming revenue by 2025. Furthermore, live in-game betting is optimized for mobile devices and enables bettors to bet on every snap, at-bat, shot and other in-game events. These offerings require more sports data and better technology than ever before. As a result of these trends, the global sports betting market is massive, $41 billion in 2019 and growing. In the United States alone, sports betting is anticipated to expand from a $1 billion market in 2019 to a $23 billion market at maturity.

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Filing 13 Sep, 2021

Offer 14 Sep, 2021

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Lock Up Expiry Mar 14, 2022

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Offer Price $27.00
Offer Size 19M

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