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Offer Price Offer Size 3-Year Outlook Volatility First Day Turnover
$9.00 2,890,000 Positive High 117.79%

Offering Team

  • Legal counsel
  • Loeb & Loeb, LLP
  • Auditors
  • RBSM , LLP

Deal Highlights

Our mission statement is: Loyalty and Data…that’s what we do. We developed our unique SoPa branded “management” and acquired our #HOTTAB and Leflair ecosystems to facilitate e-commerce transactions between our consumers and our merchants in Southeast Asia (“SEA”) (including Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand) and South Asia (including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives). Our marketing platform empowers small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) to benefit from e-commerce opportunities in developing and frontier markets across Asia, driving job-creation and economic growth in two of the world’s most dynamic regions. We acquire and operate e-commerce platforms through our direct and indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries, including but not limited to Society Technology LLC, SoPa Technology Pte Ltd, SoPa Cognitive Analytics Pte Ltd, Sopa Technology Co Ltd, HOTTAB Pte Ltd and HOTTAB Vietnam Co Ltd. Along with HOTTAB Asset Vietnam Co Ltd (currently wholly-owned by one employee of HOTTAB Vietnam Co Ltd and contractually operated by HOTTAB Vietnam Co Ltd), these eight companies form the Society Pass Group (the “Group”). The Group currently markets to both consumers and merchants in Vietnam while maintaining an administrative headquarters in Singapore. We recently acquired an online lifestyle platform of Leflair branded assets (the “Leflair Assets”) as more fully described in “Business – Leflair” and are in the process of integrating the Leflair assets with the SoPa and #HOTTAB platform. After the completion of our initial public offering (“IPO”), we intend to expand our e-commerce ecosystem throughout the rest of SEA and South Asia with particular focuses on Philippines, India and Bangladesh. Our ecosystem currently comprises of seven e-commerce interfaces targeting consumers and merchants: SoPa food & beverage (“F&B”) App, SoPa.asia F&B Marketplace website, #HOTTAB Biz App, #HOTTAB POS App, Hottab.net admin website, Leflair App, and Leflair Lifetyle Marketplace website (the “Platform”). Our loyalty-focused and data-driven e-commerce marketing platform interfaces connect consumers with merchants in the F&B and lifestyle sectors, assisting local brick-and-mortar businesses to access new customers and markets to thrive in an increasingly convenience-driven economy. Our Platform integrates with both global and country-specific search engines and applications and accepts international address and phone number data, providing a consumer experience that respects local languages, address formats and customs. Our Strategic Partners work with us to penetrate local markets, while our Platform allows effortless integration with existing technological applications and websites.

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IPO Dates

Filing 08 Nov, 2021

Offer 09 Nov, 2021

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Lock Up Expiry May 09, 2022

IPO Terms

Offer Price $9.00
Offer Size 2M

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