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Offer Price Offer Size 3-Year Outlook Volatility First Day Turnover
$18.00 7,250,000 Positive High 196.7%

Offering Team

  • Legal counsel
  • Cooley LLP
  • Auditors
  • Deloitte & Touche LLP

Deal Highlights

NerdWallet provides trustworthy financial guidance to consumers and SMBs. Our mission is to provide clarity for all of life’s financial decisions. Our vision is a world where everyone makes financial decisions with confidence. At NerdWallet, we empower consumers—both individual consumers and SMBs—to make smarter financial decisions with confidence via our digital platform. Technology has changed the way consumers manage their financial lives, making them more comfortable with comparing and shopping for financial products online. This change has accelerated with the dramatic growth in companies offering innovative financial products. At NerdWallet, we are leveraging this transformation to democratize access to trustworthy financial guidance—ultimately helping to improve the financial well-being of consumers and the financial services industry as a whole. As the financial services industry becomes more fragmented and complex, our value proposition as a trusted, independent platform for consumers increases. We deliver guidance to consumers through educational content, tools and calculators, product marketplaces and the NerdWallet app. Our platform delivers unique value across many financial products, including credit cards, mortgages, insurance, SMB products, personal loans, banking, investing and student loans, and has grown to include the UK and Canadian markets, with plans for further international expansion. Across every touchpoint, the cornerstone of our platform is our consumers’ trust in the independent, objective and relevant guidance we provide, free of charge. This trusted guidance has helped us build a large, loyal and well-informed audience of consumers who turn to us as a resource for many of their money questions and to shop for the best financial products for them. We then use machine learning to present personalized options using aggregated and scalable information. As a result, we have become an attractive partner for financial services providers wanting access to high-value consumers—consumers who might not otherwise trust these financial services providers’ recommendations because their guidance is inherently biased toward their own products.

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IPO Dates

Filing 26 Oct, 2021

Offer 04 Nov, 2021

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Lock Up Expiry May 04, 2022

IPO Terms

Offer Price $18.00
Offer Size 7M

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