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$12.00 3,300,000 Positive High 21.54%

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  • Ropes & Gray LLP
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We are a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering the discovery, development and commercialization of allogeneic, off-the-shelf iNKT cell therapies to treat cancer and other immune-mediated diseases. iNKT cells are a distinct T cell population that combine durable memory responses with the rapid cytolytic features of NK cells. iNKT cells offer distinct therapeutic advantages as a platform for allogeneic therapy in that the cells naturally home to tissues, aid clearance of tumors and infected cells and suppress GvHD. Our proprietary platform is designed to facilitate scalable and reproducible manufacturing for off-the-shelf delivery. As such, we believe that our approach represents a highly versatile application for therapeutic development in cancer and immune diseases. We are leveraging our platform and manufacturing capabilities to develop a wholly owned or exclusively licensed pipeline of both native and engineered iNKT cells, and anticipate having multiple clinical and preclinical readouts in 2021 and 2022. Our strategy is to advance an accessible, scalable and effective cell therapy platform, leveraging the innate and durable biologic benefits of iNKT cells and optimizing scalability and rapid clinical development. Our plan is to employ iNKT cells in their native form in diseases where iNKT cells have demonstrated activity and accelerated approval pathways exist. These indications include, but are not limited to oncology, GvHD and ARDS secondary to life-threatening infectious diseases. Our discovery efforts are focused on delivering novel engineered iNKT CAR T cell therapies and bispecific iNKT cell engagers providing potential first- or best-in-class approaches.

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Filing 14 Oct, 2021

Offer 15 Oct, 2021

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Lock Up Expiry Apr 15, 2022

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Offer Price $12.00
Offer Size 3M

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