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$5.00 2,000,000 Positive High 71.62%

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Focus Universal Inc. (the “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) is a Nevada corporation. We have developed four fundamental disruptive proprietary technologies which solve the most fundamental problems plaguing the internet of things (“IoT”) industry through: (1) increasing overall chip integration by shifting it to the device level; (2) creating a faster 5G cellular technology by using Ultra-narrowband technology; (3) leveraging ultra-narrowband power line communication (“PLC”) technology; and (4) User Interface Machine auto generation technology. We have developed an innovative and proprietary “device on a chip” (“DoC”) technology, which combines the required electronic circuits of various integrated circuit components onto a single, integrated chip (“IC”). Our DoC technology works as a single component but is capable of handling entire IoT device functions. Our DoC technology includes both the hardware and software, uses less power, has better performance, includes smaller overall devices, and offers greater reliability in spite of decreasing the number of interconnections between components. We believe that implementing our DoC technology will allow our products to have a faster time-to-market than our competitors, lower the cost, and simplify production than our competitors’ multi-chip devices. Our DoC technology allows devices to achieve interoperability with one another and interchangeability which traditional IoT devices are unable to achieve. Our research and development identified that the current IC integration in IoT devices focuses on pure hardware-to-hardware integration. The lack of incorporating software such as a common operating system, application software and extra interface into ICs limits IC integration only to the component level. Software is a critical component in electronics, and the more tightly integrated the software, the better the power and performance. Software also adds an element of flexibility and allows multiple discrete ICs which in the past were unable to be further integrated into a single IC. Unfortunately, only customized hardware and software are currently available, and customized hardware and software integration leads to a custom IC fabrication which is too expensive to manufacture on a large scale. IC is ideally designed for products that are intended for mass production to keep manufacturing costs low by producing uniform products using repetitive and standardized processes. Product standardization has become a major bottleneck in device-level IC fabrication because most devices are custom-designed and manufactured. The Universal Smart Instrumentation Platform (“USIP”) we developed is a standardized, universal hardware and software integration platform, that provides a universal common foundation for what we anticipate will be thousands of IoT and standalone devices. Electronic design and production starts from a 90% completed USIP instead of the components. USIP allows ICs to be integrated from the component level up to the device level and pushes the frontier of semiconductor technology beyond Moore’s law allowing the principle of Moore’s Law to continue.

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Filing 26 Aug, 2021

Offer 31 Aug, 2021

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Lock Up Expiry Mar 03, 2022

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Offer Price $5.00
Offer Size 2M

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