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$15.99 158,300,000 Positive High 0.2%

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  • Legal counsel
  • Dentons US LLP
  • Auditors
  • SRCO Professional Corporation

Deal Highlights

We are a first-mover in the U.S. federally-authorized cannabis space. We are one of a few companies who have received conditional approval based on already agreed terms from the DEA to produce federally legal cannabis, and have entered into the MOA with the DEA which permits BGC to proceed towards a Federal Registration for the Bulk Manufacturing of cannabis under DEA Document Control Number W20078135E. Unlike state-licensed cannabis companies who engage in commercial sales to consumers, and whose businesses are legal under state law but not federal law, subject to the milestones and requirements set forth herein, we are conditionally authorized by the federal government to sell cannabis commercially for research and manufacturing purposes, export cannabis for international cannabis research purposes, and sell cannabis to DEA-registered pharmaceutical companies for the production of medical cannabis products and preparations. We plan to focus on the development of cannabis strains and sales of products with high contents of CBN (cannabinol) and CBG (cannabigerol). If and when permitted under federal law, we also plan to sell cannabis-derived CBN and CBG to consumers. Because cannabis is a Schedule I Controlled Substance in the U.S., it has been historically under-researched. Though the majority of Americans now live in states where cannabis is legal, the full potential of the cannabis plant for medicinal use remains understudied due to limited access to federally-approved cannabis. The DEA recently issued a call for more cannabis research supply based on the increased demand for cannabis research in the U.S. As described herein, we received conditional approval from the DEA based on already agreed terms set forth in the MOA. Final approval from the DEA is conditioned on, among other things, completed construction of manufacturing and production facilities and systems. Completion of construction is subject to the risk factors described herein and also requires successful fundraising. Final registration under the MOA is anticipated in May 2022, and is contingent upon completion of construction and a successful inspection by the DEA of BGC’s facilities. Additionally, BGC must comply with the terms agreed upon pursuant to the MOA which includes: submitting an Individual Manufacturing Quota on or before May 1 of each year utilizing DEA Form 189; collecting samples of cannabis and distributing them to DEA-registered analytical laboratories for chemical analysis during the pendency of cultivation and prior to the DEA’s taking possession of the cannabis grown; providing the DEA with 15-day advance written notification, via email, of its intent to harvest cannabis; following the DEA’s packaging, labeling, storage and transportation requirements; distributing DEA’s stocks of cannabis to buyers who entered into bona fide supply agreements with the Company; providing the DEA with 15-day advance written notification of its intent to distribute cannabis; invoicing the DEA for harvested cannabis that it intends to sell to the DEA.

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Filing 13 May, 2022

Offer 17 May, 2022

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Lock Up Expiry Nov 17, 2022

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Offer Price $15.99
Offer Size 158M

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