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Vertex, Inc. (VERX)

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Vertex delivers comprehensive tax solutions that enable global businesses to transact, comply and grow with confidence. Companies with complex tax operations rely on Vertex to automate their end-to-end indirect tax processes. Indirect tax is the largest corporate tax category, encompassing sales tax, seller's use tax, consumer use tax and VAT, among others. Indirect tax accounts for more than $3.5 trillion of annual tax revenue, which is 2.5 times the amount of corporate income taxes, according to the 2019 OECD Tax Database. Our software, content and services address the increasing complexities of global commerce and compliance by reducing friction, enhancing transparency and enabling greater confidence in meeting indirect tax obligations. As a result, our software is ubiquitous within our customers' business systems, touching nearly every line item of every transaction that an enterprise can conduct. Today, we have more than 4,000 customers, including over half of the Fortune 500, and provide our customers with tax support in over 130 countries.

        Tax complexity is driven by the number of jurisdictions, products, distribution channels and systems of record within an organization. Each transaction must be tax-assessed for compliance purposes in real time and indirect taxes generally require filing each month, in every jurisdiction in which a company does business. Despite these complexities, there are still businesses that attempt to manage the tax lifecycle through a patchwork of static tax rate tables in spreadsheets, home-built systems or business applications, such as ERP software, that were not designed for complex tax management. Each of these approaches relies heavily on finance personnel or outside professional services.

        The rapid changes taking place in today's global business, technology and regulatory environments are having a compounding effect on the complexity of indirect tax management. As companies expand their business models, enter new geographies and extend their distribution channels, they widen the aperture of their indirect tax obligations. Additionally, as they expand their core offerings to incorporate new digital products and services, they are increasingly impacted by new tax regulations being pursued by jurisdictions. For example, in the United States, nearly 40 states have now enacted marketplace facilitator regulations, requiring online marketplaces to collect and remit taxes for first- and third-party sales on their websites. This complexity demands intelligent solutions that enable businesses to satisfy tax obligations and support growth opportunities.

        We have pioneered tax technology for over 40 years. We first began electronic delivery of tax rules in the early 1980s and we first sold transaction tax processing software in 1982. Today, our software enables tax determination, compliance and reporting, tax data management and document management with powerful pre-built integrations to core business applications used by most companies, particularly those applications that have a significant impact on global commerce. Our software is fueled by over 300 million data-driven effective tax rules and supports indirect tax compliance in more than 19,000 jurisdictions worldwide. In order to maintain the quality of our content, our team includes many global tax and regulatory experts from industry and the public sector, who deliver monthly updates to our tax content, which are then incorporated directly into our software. Our solutions can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or both, with implementation services available to enable optimal customer outcomes and satisfy unique business requirements. 

Investors Pre-IPO Holdings (%)
Google Ventures 30
Intel Ventures 20
Patricoff Ventures 5
Kleiner Perkins 18

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Filing Date   28 Jul, 2020
Price Date   29 Jul, 2020
Offer Price $19.00
Offer Size 21M
Look Up Expiry Date   29 Jan, 2021
Earnings Release Date   Nov 1, 2018