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VIA optronics AG (VIAO)

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We are a leading provider of enhanced display solutions for multiple end-markets in which superior functionality or durability is a critical differentiating factor. Our customizable technology is well-suited for all our target end-markets, in particular high-end markets with unique specifications and demanding environments that pose technical and optical challenges for displays, such as bright ambient light, vibration and shock, extreme temperatures and condensation. Our solutions combine our expertise in interactive display head assembly, comprising a display, cover lens and potentially touch sensors, and proprietary bonding technologies. We also develop, manufacture and sell customized and application-specific metal mesh touch sensors and electrode base film materials for use in touch modules or other touch products. Recently, we have introduced integrated, camera-enhanced and interactive displays, or interactive display solutions, that leverage our expertise in display solutions and touch sensor technology, as well as camera module design and related software capabilities. We believe that interactive display solutions will be critical to support the evolution of everyday life digital applications, such as touch- and camera-enabled consumer electronics, and the development of complex applications, such as advanced driver assistance systems. Our portfolio of offerings enables thin display designs and high optical clarity, which decreases power consumption and increases readability. We provide a wide range of customized display solutions, including curved display assemblies and solutions integrating multiple display touch assemblies under a single cover lens. In the future, we aspire to become one of the leading technology platforms for interactive display solutions in our target end-markets.

        Our differentiated technologies include our proprietary silicone-based bonding material, or VIA bond plus, our patented optical bonding processes, or Max VU™, display enhancement technologies, our metal mesh touch sensor technology and camera module design capabilities. Our optical bonding processes utilize VIA bond plus for display head assemblies, or DHAs, without using any potentially damaging mechanical force, and eliminate air gaps and other distorting features common to conventional technologies. Our metal mesh touch sensor technology enables high precision functionality and is based on a metal grid patterned on a transparent electrode base film that can be laminated to any type, size and shape of cover lens material. In addition to our proprietary technologies and processes, we have expertise in working with collaborators to implement specialized production methods, such as cold forming technology, that enable innovation in product development. We custom-design camera modules for contract manufacturing by IMI, for integration into our solutions or our customers' end solutions, such as a driver monitoring system. We believe our suite of differentiated technologies and our related intellectual property, engineering expertise and commercial collaborations give us a competitive edge.

Investors Pre-IPO Holdings (%)
Google Ventures 30
Intel Ventures 20
Patricoff Ventures 5
Kleiner Perkins 18

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Filing Date   24 Sep, 2020
Price Date   25 Sep, 2020
Offer Price $15.00
Offer Size 6M
Look Up Expiry Date   25 Mar, 2021
Earnings Release Date   Nov 1, 2018