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Rocket Companies, Inc. (RKT)

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We are a Detroit-based company obsessed with helping our clients achieve the American dream of home ownership and financial freedom. We are committed to providing an industry-leading client experience powered by our award-winning culture and innovative technologies. We believe our widely recognized "Rocket" brand is synonymous with providing simple, fast, and trusted digital solutions for complex personal transactions.

        Since our inception in 1985, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to launch new consumer experiences, scale and automate operations, and extend our proprietary technologies to partners. Our flagship business, Rocket Mortgage, is the industry leader, having provided more than $1 trillion in home loans since inception while growing our market share from 1.3% in 2009 to 9.2% in the first quarter of 2020, a CAGR of 19%. We have also expanded into complementary industries, such as real estate services, personal lending, and auto sales. In each of these gigantic and fragmented markets, we seek to gain share and drive profitable growth by reinventing the client experience.

        Dan Gilbert, our founder and Chairman, purposefully created a strong cultural foundation of core principles, or "ISMs", as a cultural operating system to guide decision-making by all of our team members. At the heart of the ISMs is a simple, yet powerful, concept: "Love our team members. Love our clients." Our team members put the ISMs into action every day. The result is an empowered and passionate team aligned in a common mission. This has led FORTUNE magazine to name us to their list of "100 Best Companies to Work For" for 16 consecutive years.

        Our launch of the Rocket Mortgage online platform in 2015 revolutionized the mortgage process as the first end-to-end digital experience, leveraging decades of technology investment and innovation. Rocket Mortgage is the simplest and most convenient way to get a mortgage. This digital solution utilizes automated data retrieval and advanced underwriting technology to deliver fast, tailored solutions to the palm of a client's hand. Our Rocket Mortgage app, which clients use to apply for a mortgage, interact with our team members, upload documents, e-sign documents, receive statements, and complete monthly payments, has a 4.9-star rating on the Apple App Store.

        Rocket Mortgage technology extends well beyond the app, seamlessly serving clients and client-facing team members across the entire front-end user experience. Rocket Mortgage technology also facilitates the origination, underwriting, closing, and servicing process in a manner designed to sustain positive ongoing client relationships. We have also built proprietary sales technology that allows us to more effectively connect with and win potential clients. Building off this technology, we developed Rock Connections, our sales and support organization, which supports both Rocket Mortgage and several other external partners.

        Rocket Mortgage offers clients speed and simplicity backed by industry-leading automation created through our proprietary software platform and centralized operations. Traditionally, a single processor sequentially performs most loan origination functions. Our process separates these functions to create specialization among team members, automates key steps and prioritizes workflow. Our technology provides our client specialists visibility into the loan process and enables our loans to close faster and more efficiently than industry averages. In 2019, we closed 6.7 loans per month per average production team member, compared to the industry average of 2.3 according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. In 2020, our year to date average has grown to 8.3 loans per month. The result is an unmatched client experience that has earned us recognition as #1 for Mortgage Origination by J.D. Power for the past 10 years—every year we have been eligible for the award. 

Investors Pre-IPO Holdings (%)
Google Ventures 30
Intel Ventures 20
Patricoff Ventures 5
Kleiner Perkins 18

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Filing Date   30 Nov, -0001
Price Date   06 Aug, 2020
Offer Price $18.00
Offer Size 100M
Look Up Expiry Date   06 Feb, 2021
Earnings Release Date   Nov 1, 2018