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Repare Therapeutics inc. (RPTX)

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We are a leading precision oncology company enabled by our proprietary synthetic lethality approach to the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. Synthetic lethality, or SL, represents a clinically validated approach to drug development. We use our proprietary, genome-wide, CRISPR-enabled SNIPRx platform to systematically discover and develop highly targeted cancer therapies focused on genomic instability, including DNA damage repair. SL arises when a deficiency in either of two genes is tolerated in cells, but simultaneous deficiencies in both genes cause cell death. Cancer cells that contain a mutation in one gene of a SL pair are susceptible to therapeutic intervention targeting the other gene pair. Using our SNIPRx platform, we are developing our pipeline of SL product candidates, including our lead product candidate, RP-3500, an oral small molecule inhibitor for the treatment of solid tumors with specific DNA damage repair-related genomic alterations. We anticipate filing an investigational new drug, or IND, application in the second quarter of 2020 and initiating an open-label Phase 1/2 clinical trial of RP-3500 in the third quarter of 2020.

We believe our powerful SL-based approach to the development of new precision oncology therapeutics has multiple potential benefits:

      •  Ability to address previously untargetable tumor biology, including, for example, loss-of-function mutations;

      • Enhanced benefit-risk profile, by precisely targeting tumor cells with the defined mutation while sparing normal, non-cancerous cells;

      • Genetic stratification of patients, potentially enabling higher response rates; and

      • Tumor-agnostic approach, focusing on specific genetics and enabling the application to multiple tumor types.

A cornerstone of our company is our SNIPRx platform, which enables us to accurately identify SL gene pairs and the corresponding patients who are most likely to benefit from our therapies based on the genetic profile of their tumors. These differentiated patient selection insights have driven the development of our lead product candidate, RP-3500, which is designed as a selective inhibitor of the DNA repair protein ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related protein, or ATR, a kinase that is activated by DNA replication stress. Tumors containing alterations in genes encoding other DNA repair proteins, such as ataxia-telangiectasia mutated kinase, or ATM, are SL with ATR inhibition and were observed to be hypersensitive to RP-3500 in our preclinical models. We believe that the preclinical selectivity and pharmacokinetic properties of RP-3500 support the profile of a differentiated therapy with the potential to enhance anti-tumor activity as compared to third party ATR inhibitors currently in development. Based on our preclinical studies, we believe RP-3500 has the potential to provide therapeutic benefit to identified patient populations both as a monotherapy and in combination with other therapies such as poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase, or PARP, inhibitors.

In addition to RP-3500, we are developing a portfolio of product candidates based on targets identified using our SNIPRx platform to treat cancers with a high unmet medical need. We have a preclinical program that is focused on a novel target we discovered to be SL with amplification of cyclin E1, or CCNE1, in tumors such as gynecological and upper gastrointestinal malignancies. We anticipate advancing a clinical candidate for this potential first-in-class program into IND-enabling studies in the fourth quarter of 2020. We are also developing an inhibitor of polymerase theta, or Polq, which is SL with multiple gene deficiencies found in tumors, including BRCA1 or BRCA2. We anticipate advancing a clinical candidate and initiating IND-enabling studies for this program in the second half of 2021. 

Investors Pre-IPO Holdings (%)
Google Ventures 30
Intel Ventures 20
Patricoff Ventures 5
Kleiner Perkins 18

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Filing Date   18 Jun, 2020
Price Date   19 Jun, 2020
Offer Price $20.00
Offer Size 11M
Look Up Expiry Date   19 Dec, 2020
Earnings Release Date   Nov 1, 2018