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Applied Molecular Transport Inc. (AMTI)

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We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company leveraging our proprietary technology platform to design and develop a pipeline of novel oral biologic product candidates to treat autoimmune, inflammatory, metabolic, and other diseases. Our proprietary technology platform allows us to exploit existing natural cellular trafficking pathways to facilitate the active transport of therapeutic payloads across the IE barrier. Active transport is an efficient mechanism that uses the cell’s own machinery to transport materials across the IE barrier. We believe that our ability to exploit this mechanism is a key differentiator of our approach. We are developing oral biologic product candidates in patient-friendly tablet and capsule forms that are designed for either targeting local GI tissue or entering systemic circulation to precisely address the relevant biology of a disease. We are building a portfolio of oral product candidates based on our technology platform including our lead product candidate, AMT-101, an oral GI-selective IL-10 that has completed a Phase 1b clinical trial in patients with UC. We further plan to initiate Phase 2 clinical trials of AMT-101 in UC and related inflammatory indications. Our technology platform enables us to design and develop various oral biologic therapeutic modalities, such as peptides, proteins, full-length antibodies, antibody fragments, and RNA therapeutics, with potentially significant advantages over existing marketed and development-stage drugs.

Our lead product candidate, AMT-101, is an oral IL-10 fusion protein that has been designed for active transport across the IE barrier into local GI tissue. IL-10 is a potent immunomodulatory cytokine that is known to be the master regulator of immune homeostasis, including within GI mucosal tissue. While previous clinical trials conducted by others in the field with systemic IL-10 demonstrated efficacy in UC and Crohn’s disease, significant toxicities associated with systemic administration prevented further development. We have designed AMT-101 to cross the IE barrier, but not enter the bloodstream, which we believe may offer significant efficacy and safety benefits compared to systemic IL-10 administration. We have observed in preclinical studies, a Phase 1a clinical trial in healthy volunteers, and a Phase 1b clinical trial in patients with UC that oral AMT-101 acts on the local immunological pathways along the GI tissue. In our Phase 1b clinical trial, after 14 days of treatment, UC patients treated with AMT-101 showed trends of improvement in objective disease markers such as fecal calprotectin and histopathologic scores. 

Importantly, in our Phase 1a clinical trial in healthy volunteers and our Phase 1b clinical trial in patients with UC, no serious adverse events were observed with only negligible levels of AMT-101 detected in systemic circulation. As a locally-targeted, GI-selective biologic therapeutic, oral AMT-101 has the potential to be used, as a monotherapy or in combination with other therapeutic agents, in biologic naive moderate-to-severe UC patients in addition to UC patients who have failed prior biologic therapy, and in a variety of GI indications beyond UC. There is a heightened medical need for non-systemic, locally-acting immunomodulators that are distinct from systemic immuno-suppressive drugs. We believe that AMT-101 has demonstrated PoC for our technology platform by enabling the active transport and rapid absorption of an orally-administered biologic therapeutic. The FDA has cleared our IND application for AMT-101 for the treatment of patients with moderate to severely active UC. This IND is now active and we may proceed with initiating our proposed Phase 2a clinical trial.

The global biologic therapeutics market has been estimated to be approximately $230 billion per year across numerous indications and targets. While our initial focus is on developing novel, oral biologic therapeutics to treat severe autoimmune, inflammatory, and metabolic diseases, any disease that can be treated with a biologic therapeutic is conceivably a candidate for our technology. In many diseases, oral administration of GI-selective biologics may confer inherent advantages over systemic dosing based on the premise that the gut is the primary site of convergence of several core biology axes such as the gut-brain and gut-endocrine axes. Our objective is to maximize the value of the technology by continuing to develop a pipeline of novel, differentiated products against well-established and clinically-validated targets in sizable markets where our technology can improve safety and efficacy in addition to offering a patient-friendly oral format. 

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Google Ventures 30
Intel Ventures 20
Patricoff Ventures 5
Kleiner Perkins 18

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Filing Date   04 Jun, 2020
Price Date   05 Jun, 2020
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Earnings Release Date   Nov 1, 2018