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1847 Goedeker Inc. (GOED)

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Our company is a one-stop e-commerce destination for home furnishings, including appliances, furniture, home goods and related products. Since our founding in 1951, we have evolved from a local brick and mortar operation serving the St. Louis metro area to a large nationwide omnichannel retailer that offers one-stop shopping for the leading brands. While we still maintain our St. Louis showroom, over 90% of our sales are placed through our website at We offer over 227,000 SKUs organized by category and product features, providing visitors to the site an easy to navigate shopping experience.

Through our e-commerce business model, we offer an online marketplace for consumers looking for variety, style, service and value when shopping for nearly any home product needed. We are focused on bringing our customers an experience that is at the forefront of shopping online for the home. We have built a large online selection of appliances, furniture, home goods and related products. We are able to offer this vast selection of products because our model requires minimal inventory. We specialize in the home category and this has enabled us to build a shopping experience and logistics infrastructure that is tailored to the unique characteristics of our market.

Our shopping experience allows for online chat and the ability to speak with an expert by phone seven days a week. We believe that we are a national leader in customer value and price. We enjoy strong relationships with most national and global appliance companies and we believe that we have a technologically advanced online sales and infrastructure platform.

The delivery experience and overall customer service that we offer our shoppers are central to our business. We purchase inventory only after a sale has been made through our website. This allows us to tightly manage our inventory and warehouse space while still providing customers quick delivery times and control over the entire process. About 90% of appliances flow through our warehouse while almost all furniture is drop shipped to the customer. All inventory is managed with a barcode system and is automatically tracked through our Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system.

Investors Pre-IPO Holdings (%)
Google Ventures 30
Intel Ventures 20
Patricoff Ventures 5
Kleiner Perkins 18

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Filing Date   21 Jul, 2020
Price Date   31 Jul, 2020
Offer Price $9.00
Offer Size 1M
Look Up Expiry Date   31 Jan, 2021
Earnings Release Date   Nov 1, 2018