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Bentley Systems Incorporated (BSY)

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We are a leading global provider of software for infrastructure engineering, enabling the work of civil, structural, geotechnical, and plant engineering practitioners, their project delivery enterprises, and owner-operators of infrastructure assets. We were founded in 1984 by the Bentley brothers. Our enduring commitment is to develop and support the most comprehensive portfolio of integrated software offerings across professional disciplines, project and asset lifecycles, infrastructure sectors, and geographies. Our software enables digital workflows across engineering disciplines, distributed project teams, from offices to the field, and across computing form factors, including desktops, on-premises servers, cloud-native services, mobile devices, and web browsers. We deliver our solutions via on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. Our users engineer, construct, and operate projects and assets across the following infrastructure sectors:

?public works (including roads, rail, airports, ports, and water and wastewater networks) / utilities (including electric, gas, water, and communications). We estimate that this sector represents 52% of the net infrastructure asset value of the global top 500 infrastructure owners (the “global top 500 infrastructure owners”) based on the 2019 edition of the Bentley Infrastructure 500 Top Owners, our annual compilation of the world’s largest infrastructure owners ranked by net depreciated value of their tangible fixed assets;

?industrial (including discrete and process manufacturing, power generation, and water treatment plants) / resources (including oil and gas, mining, and offshore). We estimate that this sector represents 38% of the global top 500 infrastructure owners’ net infrastructure asset value; and

?     commercial/facilities (including office buildings, hospitals, and campuses). We estimate that this sector represents 10% of the global top 500 infrastructure owners’ net infrastructure asset value.

Shown below (in the outer ring of the pie chart) are the proportions of our overall 2019 revenues attributable to these infrastructure sectors (and the indicated subsectors), either related to our products whose purpose is specific to a sector/subsector, or otherwise to use of our other products by accounts which we assign within the sector/subsector. The inner portion of the piechart shows the proportions of our overall 2019 revenues which are not accordingly attributable to any particular sector/subsector, being related to products used across multiple sectors/subsectors by accounts not assignable to a particular sector/subsector.

These non-sector/subsector-specific revenues are categorized as either for products within specific infrastructure disciplines (structural or geotechnical), or otherwise within the product groupings of general modeling (including, for example, surveying) or general project delivery (including, for example, for general construction and general asset performance by general project delivery firms).

Investors Pre-IPO Holdings (%)
Google Ventures 30
Intel Ventures 20
Patricoff Ventures 5
Kleiner Perkins 18

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Filing Date   22 Sep, 2020
Price Date   23 Sep, 2020
Offer Price $22.00
Offer Size 10M
Look Up Expiry Date   23 Mar, 2021
Earnings Release Date   Nov 1, 2018