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We are a leading U.S. provider of ultra-rugged mobile phones and accessories designed specifically for task workers physically engaged in their work environments, often in mission-critical roles. We currently sell our ruggedized mobile phones and accessories to three of the four largest wireless carriers in the United States—AT&T, Sprint and Verizon—as well as the three largest wireless carriers in Canada—Bell, Rogers and Telus Mobility. Our phones and accessories connect workers with voice, data and workflow applications in two end markets: industrial enterprise and public sector.

Task workers in these end markets have historically been limited to pen and paper and single-purpose electronic devices, such as barcode scanners, location-tracking devices and sensors, to accomplish specific tasks. These single-purpose devices have historically run on proprietary networks, such as LMR networks that enable PTT services for voice communications. We provide Android-based devices that consolidate and integrate multiple functions into a single ruggedized solution running on commercial wireless networks at a total cost of ownership that we believe is significantly lower with improved productivity and safety of task workers.

Our solutions fall into three main categories: (i) ultra-rugged mobile phones based on the Android platform which are capable of attaching to both public and private wireless networks, (ii) industrial-grade accessories and (iii) cloud-based software and application services. End customers of our solutions include construction, energy and utility, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, public sector and transportation entities that primarily purchase our devices and accessories through their wireless carriers. The key attributes of our solutions are specifically tailored for the needs of our end users, including impact resistance, waterproof and dustproof construction, extended battery life and extra loud audio, supported by a three-year comprehensive warranty.

All of our devices run on the Android operating system, providing a familiar and intuitive user interface, and our smartphones have access to a library of millions of applications available through the Google Play Store. We have also implemented dozens of application programming interfaces, or APIs, specific to our mobile phones and have partnered with over 800 application developers to create a purpose-built experience for our end users using these applications on our mobile phones. 

Investors Pre-IPO Holdings (%)
Google Ventures 30
Intel Ventures 20
Patricoff Ventures 5
Kleiner Perkins 18

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Filing Date   09 May, 2019
Price Date   10 May, 2019
Offer Price $11.00
Offer Size 3M
Look Up Expiry Date   10 Nov, 2019
Earnings Release Date   Nov 1, 2018