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Valuing Access

Huntington Situs Small Cap Fund

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Apr 30, 2013

Smaller companies need to use every resource efficiently and effectively. And, advantages to small companies can come in many ways, from access to raw materials, to proximity to customers, from areas that have more favorable tax treatments or human-intellectual resources. Randy Bateman and his team are looking for small companies that have the additional advantage of being in the right location.

Total Return Focus

Huntington Dividend Capture Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Value

Sep 10, 2010

In general, investors are attracted to dividend paying stocks for their stable returns that tend to be less volatile than the market. For those who find such a strategy appealing there are no fewer than 800 companies paying dividends that are worth tracking, in combination with a number of real estate investment trusts and preferred stocks. Kirk Mentzer, portfolio manager of the Huntington Dividend Capture Fund, explains how the fund allocates assets across these market segments to generate stable returns.

Diversified Mid-Cap Strategy

Huntington Mid Corp America Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Aug 31, 2010

Medium-sized companies offer an attractive combination of financial stability and substantial growth potential. However, discovering such names calls for a profound understanding of a number of industries and sectors. At the helm of the Huntington MidCorp America Fund, portfolio manager Christopher Rowane seeks to unearth companies that are leaders in their industry niches.

Small Caps with Macro Views

Huntington Situs Fund


Aug 25, 2008

Huntington Situs Fund pursues long-term capital appreciation by investing in a strategic combination of U.S. and foreign companies whose situs, or geographical locations, give them a competitive advantage and the potential to outperform. Fund manager B. Randolph Bateman seeks to identify companies with situs advantages such as favorable political, social or economic conditions or population demographics.

Geo Diversity

Huntington International Equity Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Jul 21, 2008

Huntington International Equity Fund is built on the premise that while investing in non-U.S. companies carries a higher level of risk, combining international stocks with U.S. investments can lower the overall risk of the portfolio. Fund manager Madelynn Matlock focuses on individual companies with excellent fundamentals combined with attractive stock valuation.

Quantitative Approach

Huntington New Economy Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Sep 26, 2005

The Huntington New Economy Fund looks for innovation, broadly defined. We can find it in any industry, whether in a process, a product, or a management style. It is more important to the management of this fund to stay focused on growth, and to beat its benchmark with low risk. The philosophy driving the fund is that it is possible to generate excess returns through quantitative modeling processes. The fund’s focus is on small and mid-cap stocks, or SMIDs.