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Managing Targets and Risks

SmartGrowth Mutual Funds

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Sep 21, 2010

A growing number of investors are willing to harness the wide-ranging flexibility of ETF and ETN products as a source of adequate diversification, liquidity, and risk/return potential. Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager Kevin Mahn describes how the SmartGrowth® Mutual Funds employ a systemic approach to protect downside risks, as they strive to address the diverse objectives, time horizons and risk profiles of long-term investors.

Knowing Your Risk Target

Hennion & Walsh SmartGrowth Lipper Funds

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Aug 28, 2007

Starting with the premise that different investors have different resources, risk tolerances and objectives, the Hennion & Walsh SmartGrowth Lipper Funds represent portfolios in which the risk levels are differentiated across each of the Funds. Based on the recently released Lipper ETF indices, the funds provide exposure to various market sectors, geographies, and asset classes, modeled to respond to the need for growth-oriented portfolios with balanced risk.