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Diversified and Non-Correlated

Hatteras Funds

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Apr 11, 2012

When it comes to alternative investment strategies with little correlation to broad market indices, mutual funds are rarely the instruments to turn to; perhaps not until recently. In response to the growing interest in alternative asset classes, Hatteras Funds provides investors with exposure to hedge funds strategies with daily liquidity available in the mutual fund context.

Hedge Fund of Funds in the Mutual Space

AIP Alpha Hedged Strategies Fund

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Jun 07, 2006

A pioneer in the area, Alpha Hedged Strategies (ALPHX) defies easy comparisons. The fund employs real hedge fund managers with various strategies to create a risk-return profile suitable for mass affluent mutual fund investors. Through tight control over sub- managers and compliance with mutual fund requirements, Alpha eliminates many of the hurdles between these two worlds. Financial intermediaries are crucial to educating investors on this complex product.