Frost Funds(4)

Profit from Tracking Growth

Frost Core Growth Equity Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Aug 12, 2011

Large companies inevitably undergo different business and economic cycles that affect their earnings growth and cash flows. The Frost Core Growth Equity Fund analyzes these key characteristics of the large-cap space, seeking companies benefiting from a positive economic environment, new products, or favorable technology cycles.

Absolute Return Focus

Frost Total Return Bond Fund

US> Natural Resources/Materials >

Aug 26, 2010

Frost Total Return Bond Fund looks for opportunities in bonds that they understand best. Portfolio manager Jeffery Elswick and his team select bonds based on both macro-economic views and careful selection of bonds offering relative value based on the anticipated direction of short- term and long- term rates.

Rooted in Dividends

Frost Dividend Value Equity Fund


Dec 06, 2009

Companies that are willing to share their good fortunes with shareholders through dividends will certainly get the attention of the management team at Frost Dividend Value Equity Fund. Within a universe of more than 900 dividend-paying companies only few qualify to be included in the fund. For portfolio manager Murray Fichtner, strategist and research director Brad Thompson, analyst Michael Brell, and analyst Ted Harper dividend sustainability and historical track record of growth serve as primary criteria for selection.

Beyond 60/40

Frost Moderate Allocation Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Sep 20, 2016

Fully deployed at all times, with a long-term focus and exposure to both equities and fixed income, Frost Moderate Allocation Fund is designed for the moderate risk investor looking for a single-fund solution. Diversification and strategic allocation among multiple asset classes are the key elements of this fund of fund’s strategy in providing appreciation with low volatility.