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Diversified with Tactical Advantage

Franklin LifeSmart Retirement Target funds

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Feb 24, 2014

Target date funds have become a place to start retirement saving for many investors. Franklin Templeton target date funds select from a list of over 50 funds the company manages to provide a diversified portfolio that is appropriate for all investors throughout their pre-retirement years. The managers also take advantage of short-term opportunities through tactical allocation but stay true to the glide path to add value to the fund.

Temporary Clouds, Permanent Values

Franklin Small Cap Value Fund

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Mar 12, 2013

Small cap companies are generally less widely followed by brokerage firms or other research providers and can often be misunderstood. Steven Raineri and his team follow a disciplined investment research process to discover companies with superior business models while the team sticks to a price discipline.

Investing in Sustainable Growth

Franklin Flex Cap Growth Fund


Oct 23, 2009

Fund managers often face constraints imposed by their own funds on market cap ranges they can invest in and benchmark indexes they need to follow. Conrad Herrmann and his team at Franklin Flex Cap Growth Fund focus on companies they believe can sustain growth because of their business models, quality of products and management capabilities, regardless of their market cap size and industry.

Seeking Opportunity within Complexity

Franklin Mutual Beacon Fund

Nov 29, 2017

Investors prefer to put their trust in companies that are easier to understand rather than invest in complicated businesses. As a result, the market tends to be wrong on many occasions, especially when analyzing complex situations. Portfolio Manager Christian Correa and the team at the helm of the Franklin Mutual Beacon Fund specialize in determining underlying asset values in such contexts with the objective of unlocking hidden value. 

Small Cap Compounders

Franklin Small Cap Value Fund

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Apr 13, 2017

Managing the growth trajectory of smaller companies can be challenging, and investors are not always patient with a company’s management and/or development plans. Steven Raineri, portfolio manager of the Franklin Small Cap Value Fund, likes to methodically build a portfolio of small-cap companies whose track record and capacity of compounding earnings come at an attractive price due to temporary problems. 

Best Dividend Ideas Only

Franklin Equity Income Fund

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Nov 18, 2015

Companies with a history of consistent dividend payments are generally known to excel in allocating capital. Yet, all of them are susceptible to falling out of favor with investors based on short-term results. At Franklin Equity Income Fund, Alan E. Muschott and a team of analysts screen for out-of-favor dividend-paying companies with a sustainable competitive advantage, which leads to better margins.